Da Bestest Shoota Werdz!!! (Warhammer 40000 Fan Fiction) A poem in Orkish.

In the grim darkness of the future there is only war

And the Orky dakka dakka dance

Arite, ye runt gobs. Dis shoota ent got nuff zoggin

One, two, yonkz… Many krumpy lettaz, but ent nuff dakka dakka

We de orkiez ave good choppas and alfybitz be fer blitzin

I iz chopz em up gud den, cuz red wunz go wazza wazza
Wez de Orkz, we rexum all
Orkz Orkz Orkz Orkz orkz!
Wez de stronkest, our wazza be mostest
Greenskinz be bestest coz wez iz da Orkziest!!!
Bigga, betta, fasta, stronkest! Wez ave no need for yonkzy three an sumtythree lettaz!
Orkz iz ment for fightin an winnin
Oi, ya gitz, nuff muckin. We knowz wotz wot
For yonkz, the kwestchunz made eds urtzez
So we twunted da lernin right in da jubileez, chop chop!

(A group of unfortunate humans crashland on planet Ceres 353)
Attenchun!!! Attenchun!!! Sumz beakies need a stompin
Warbozz calls Da boyz, Da jobz a guddun
Ere we go! Ere we go! Ere we go! Ork boyz!
Orkiez rokkit full blast to loot sum flashun shinies
Sumfink sumfink sumfink sumfink

Image: https://goo.gl/images/49YV2H

First posted 07/06/18


The Fire of Divinity

Everyman born with

Supernatural ability

A fire burning within

Fuelled by Truth

Listen with your ears

But also let it burn within

To find true discernment

Truth or Lie, both bring revelation

When ignited with First Principle

Why judge yourself by the perception of others

When a purer judge can be found with one meditative spark?

Dreams come in metaphor that the mind cannot fully translate

But the flames always know just what they mean

(To F.)

Image: Pexels

Mare Memorum

I learned to run on the beach
Some decades ago, I still remember
The ocean called me, wide blue
And I ran to it like only a toddler can
My cousins ran after me
Lifted me out before I could reach childhood fief (my slippers lost to the Deep)
Crowned by hippies soon after
A group of tourists gifting me a wreath
The world is so interesting when you’re not yet one
Why does all this have to change?
My memories again make me young
Crowned in green and running to ocean blue

(Chose an image with the sun because if I’m remembering this correctly that was the final destination I had in mind when I ran off)

Thucydides’ Trap

Thucydides, “What made war inevitable was the growth of Athenian power and the fear which this caused in Sparta.”

City states rise, City states fall
Jealousy and greed dooming all
Macedonia takes the reins
Roman barbarians then reign

Across the world the same pattern
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
No matter if there’s lit lantern
Spirit’s frailty ensures war follows
Ignorance ensures victories hollow
Cowardice traps them in the same paradigm

Untitled Novel- Page 1 (On Prose and My Editing Process)

This is basically what the Autumn Arc has turned into. I wrote the outline, then decided what worked and what didn’t. I seem to have decided that most of it didn’t work in this case, which is why I’ll only be adapting the Man with Seven Souls into a novel. After I get done with this first draft there will be a few rounds of editing which will turn the finished work into something completely different from the first draft, if prior experience is anything to go by. Thought I should put up the first page here at least, since I’d posted the initial part of the outline earlier. RIP Autumn Arc.


Draft 1

The aurora blazed like lightning in the sky, flashes of colour every second. Thunder accompanied this dance in perfect syncopation. A gigantic blue vortex swirled far above, blotting out the sun. Dark vapour poured forth from the hole in the sky while Kara and his sons made preparations for battle on the ground. Humans cowered in Kara’s shadow, ants weathering a storm. The braver ones amongst them began to sing, to keep the others from panicking and also to make sure their giant protectors remembered them during the battle. Mn and Yhm were always mindful of where they stepped, even in the heat of battle, but their father Kara was a different matter altogether. A madness descended on him when rage began to kindle.
Mountain melted as the vortex swirled faster, ocean boiled, tree and grassland turned to magma, but everything under the shadow of the three giants remained safe. Even the angry South Wind dared not play with the eddies of Kara.
“Calm yourself father,” Mn said, as the first beast of chaos began to emerge from the cosmic ocean. “Yhm and I will finish this one while it is still stuck up high. Protect our people.”
Kara grunted, the red dragons embellishing his black cloak began to lose their glow. The humans began to sing with fervour when Yhm and Mn jumped into the sky, their spears extended. Their drumming turned the battle into a dance. Yhm and Mn dodged the toxic tentacles of the Chaos Creature that was still masked in the dark vapour of the Cosmic Ocean. Its blood had still not acclimated to this dimension, and coalesced into rocks when it fell to the ground. Yhm and Mn, working like one being with four hands and four legs riddled the creature with punctures, their spears moving so quickly that mushroom clouds formed in the air when they were swung. The creature’s skeleton was like air to the swift spears of the twins.

Lighting Mosaic Paths

Tessellated streets red yellow blue green
Mosaic masonry that feet can feel
Designs to be trod on by man and beast
Distance traversed reveals more imagery

Bird’s eye fails to see the fine artistry
That can only be gleaned by walking feet

Road less travelled is the one walked forward
Lighting torches where the Fire’s not been
A hard path filled with hidden obstacles
And new fractal insights
Into the mystery of the Design

Image: San Francisco, Pinterest


Archetypes, tropes and cliches
These repetitive patterns
Occur in the universe
History repeats itself
Personalities reforged
Hammered into form by Time
New Reichstag fire breaks out
New Francis Assisi prays
New murder disguised banquet

A new Alexander conquers

A new Caesar commits Gaulicide

New empires born upon slavery

The crucible is not kind to us

But it is predictable