I say farewell to the Bantam Sky Twins

Illumination fills me as I listen to the twins
Perception hits me, now broadened out by their eloquence
I decide to speak, interaction springing from mind’s leak
I begin to speak, ideation past silence’s peak

“Oh wise err… foetuses,” I falter at the start
“You think of the soul as something within body
Your arguments have thus far been so very smart
But you’re still looking at the soul with physical tangibility

What if that were not the case, this idea we erase
View: bodies within soul, rather than soul within body?

Assume: the existence of many souls without
Then the existence of many spirits within
Each soul filled with myriad sprites, soul their redoubt
Each soul/spirit fusion leading to physical manifestation

Just like Mother Earth brings forth varied forms of life physically
All born on one planet, yet displaying variability
Different from the life on Jupiter
So different even from each other

The Sky Twins have grown quiet
I think they’re distressed
It is nearly here
The time of their birth
The Sky Mother shoos me away
I apologise and wish her good day


Tam teaches Ban true skepticism

Ban calms down to the Sky Mother’s beautiful song
Time passes, ‘haps seconds or even eons long
Tam attempts a retort, fearing his words did distort
The long and fierce debate ‘tween the Sky Mother’s twins

“Brother Ban, though we could touch upon man’s morality
I fear you’ve derived these axioms erroneously
I never inferred that soul and spirit were incorruptible
I did however infer a ‘goodness’ that was fundamental

Just as a body can grow sick, so too the spirit
Especially when things seem unfair and disparate
I laud your passion, is that not itself an example
Of how one can step out the self, help rather than trample

Would this corruption of man seem so wrong to you
If you lived by chemistry, rather than soulful empathy?
Would injustice and mindlessness so affect you
If there was not something more to kindness than a dopamine stew?

Ban: but how can you be so sure of things you cannot see
What gives you the right to speak with such authority?

Tam: I am a skeptic, just like you
I would be a sham if I didn’t doubt too
Every statement I make, is open to change
Revision of mistakes, as knowledge increases its range
I speak only of things I know now
Three letters from aleph, many more till tau

I have faith, derived from reason and observation

Leaps of understanding made to best describe the whole situation

Perhaps right, perhaps wrong

We’ll never know until we hear more of the song


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Ban’s Counter Attack

Ban grows agitated and begins to violently kick
Tam defends himself with shield. Sky Mother’s womb begins to leak
A soothing song calms both infants, and discourse begins once more
Ban, provided additional nutrition, begins to soar

“If men were more than animals
Driven by biochemicals
Then they would be aware
They wouldn’t easily scare

If men were no more than automatons
Moving to commands of instinct programmed
Eating their carrots or fearing batons
Being so easily conned, robbed and scammed
Of their common sense. So moved by falsehood
That they’d sell their morals for things like ‘nationhood’
Murdering each other for a chance at living in Gollywood, or forever screaming about being ‘misunderstood’
Exhibiting the pack behaviour of primates in all their glory
Beating their pecs, savoring the role of King Kong in the story
Obsessed with legacy, mired completely in physicality
Then perhaps I’d have been able to digest your words more easily

The selfless ones are aberrations, not the norm
When we are delivered from the womb you’ll see this storm

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Ban and Tam discuss dualities, spirits, animals, planets and stars

The spirits applaud my recent venture
So I go forth once more
Into the Sky Womb, the Mind Tomb
Of the bright questioning twins, Ban and Tam

Ban: So you believe man a duality
Of soul and body, mind umbilical?
Then why do we see only this reality
If we are inherently given such capacity?

Tam: Belief and Truth must be two very different things
Belief evolves as further revelation rings
I infer mind’s presence through body’s acts
Spirit through mind, soul through spirit

Exploring the soul may lead to further realms’ discovery
But going beyond this now tends to overwhelm infant me

Ban: what of other animals? What of stars?
Do they exist beyond physicality?
What of great bright Sol and what of red dead Mars?
Do they live conscious in a realm beyond ours?

Tam: If they do, we can only speculate
Animals are imbued with a simplicity
Their spirits are easier to comprehend
Perhaps we will discover more about them at some later date
As for planets and stars, they’re too different for me to relate

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Ban and Tam discuss Truth and Man

I eavesdrop on the twins in the Sky Womb
Clock stops its spin during their discussion
So intent are they, that they don’t notice Time’s stay
While discussing their truths in the Mind Room

Ban: Do you agree brother, when I say
That Truth is what we perceive, made sensate

Tam: I agree with what you say, dear Ban
Unseen truths can’t be grasped by mind of man

Ban: Then truth can only stem from body
Just Material physicality.

Tam: If man lacked the faculty of reason
I admit, his knowledge would be so curtailed
He would be enslaved to less complex patterns
Food, shelter, pleasure, as Darwin had detailed
Instead, man gives himself to curiosity
And so discovers his truth’s elasticity
Discovering that which transcends the physical flesh
Inferences drawn through a spiritual mesh
A fusion of the physical mind and the soul

Ban: Could this not be delusion after all,
A yearning for something Greater, a conceit?
To think that you have unseen soul and spirit
Could be born of a mind that’s very desperate
Coping mechanism to make tall the little.

Tam: in a purely mechanistic realm
Why would the mind of man be overwhelmed
By the things that do not so concern them?
Selfishness would not seem abhorrent
The mind would not come under assault
Where is the question of one coping
In a purely physical roping?
Empathy would not be possible
Short term pleasures, opioid disposables
Would rule the markets of the trade global
And bring about inevitable collapse
Survival endangered by every relapse
The mind of man would feel no need to discover
And progress would seem a futile endeavour

(To be continued… Maybe)

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There’s something wrong with my furnace

The dream me looks at the asleep me, says
“There is something wrong with his furnace”
Why is he always so cryptic?
There’s something wrong with my furnace
Doesn’t he know my mind’s quite dense
There’s something wrong with my furnace
That sounds really bad, makes me tense
There’s something wrong with my furnace

It may be that I need some help with this
But I can’t even understand what’s amiss
There’s something soon wrong with my furnace

Can’t he speak in a more scientific sense
When he is viewing me with his weird dream lense?

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Superpowers and Geography

I know this may be a little hard to digest
We’d like to think our own people are special
But the truths of history do seem to suggest
That location is what sets the level
(Of cultural and economic development)

A new discovery shakes the known world of man
Domestication of horses brings upheaval
Central Asians conquer with their cavalry van
Creating brand new geo polities
(New heirarchies and super hegemonies)

Migrations, intermingling of old and new
Elamites become Persian, Minoans become Greek
Skill and wealth move to where they feel they’ll get their due
In search for a more profitable streak

The discovery of sailing the monsoon winds
Now sea trade becomes more profitable than land
The old order crumbles, for progress here rescinds
The power of past authority, buried in sand

The discovery of motorized transport
Is the paradigm we’re living in today
And just as with all of history’s previous diction
It’s about location, location, location

Image: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_vault/2014/01/02/edward_quin_a_gif_of_his_atlas_displaying_the_boundaries_of_the_known_world.html

(This poem is a bit all over the place. I guess it would make more sense to write it as an essay, but I’d have found that an extremely boring task.

I find that China is a peculiar exception to this phenomenon, or at least it used to be.)

Asura, etymology

Meanings change over time
Sometimes into their opposites

(Like the way some people use ‘restive’ today)

Virtues can become crimes
Ordained by social institutes

Let’s observe the word ‘asura’
Meaning Lord in the Rig Veda
Great chief, with command over maya (illusion)
Neither good nor bad at that stage of the drama

A priestly schism between the East and the West
Or perhaps other reasons, only God knows best
The word is now used for a divine demon race
Cousins of the gods, but filled with malice, debased

(This is a rider to my previous poem.

East West schism referring to ancient Iran and North West India, circa 1000 something BCE)

The Socratic Method

Ancient dialectics, thinking things through
Sentient gymnastics, seeing things new
Until we can find a reality
Acceptable to logic’s entreaties

Examining statements from other perspectives
For example, this statement of a popular ‘guru’

“The sign of intelligence is that
you are constantly wondering.”

What does he mean by intelligence?
What does he consider as wonder?

The dog wonders if I will give it food today
When I forget to ring the Pavlovian bell
It’s probably wondering about a game to play
When it annoys me and I say, “go to hell.”

What use a sign that’s impossible to perceive
Without the use of a telepath’s mind receive

How can wonder be a constant mind state
When mortals requires restful reprieve
Sure, insomniacs can stay up in wonder late
But even they will eventually have to sleep

If the guru, by his own statement, cannot qualify as intelligent (through inconstant wonder)
Then his statement itself could only contain intelligence by accident
But I do not think that was what he was trying to convey