[Poem] Whole Lotta Love

She loves me so much
She serves me breakfast in bed
Cyanide tea and arsenic toast

She often goes Dutch
Sharing the bill, munching bread
While sharks and coyotes turn me to roast

She’s my pretty crutch
Taking my weight, till my head
Comes crashing down into a pile of shite (when I’m positioned just right)


She never forgets my birthday

Wishes me as soon as I wake

With a knife to my face


She has the cutest hobbies

Milking cobras in lobbies

Don’t know why she adds it to filter coffee


She’s a playful little thing

Replaced my shaving cream

With acid that made me scream


She’s my sunshine

Scorching me to a crisp

She’s my pretty rose

Laced with poison ivy

She’s my blue ocean

When it’s high tide

She’s my mountain top

When I contemplate suicide

She’s my bright Angel

Preaching nihilism

She’s my egg and yolk

With salmonella’s sheen

She’s a canvas of beauty

Rendered by a reductionist

She’s my love and joy

Until I go clean…


Oh, I love her so
And don’t know why
(When she’s my sky)
That they call her,
(My darling dear)
the Black Widow.


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