Leto’s Twins

Leto’s children, refugees, nomads, ostracized
Twins and mother keep moving, derided and shunned
They take back what is theirs with bloody murder
Their rights on Mount Olympus, emancipated
The staff of healing and the wolf for the pair archers
They kill Python in Delphi and gain a sect most dedicated

{The paeans ring for Apollo, echoing the chorus of Parnassus, while Artemis bathes}

(Both tears shed for Niobe, one gold, one blue. They weep in different ways.)

Image: The Children of Niobe
Painting by Jacques Louis-David


9 thoughts on “Leto’s Twins

  1. Actaeon never knew when to shut up! Poor man… May he rest in peace.

    I have been trying to sketch the python scene for a while now, with both twins. (Since the first time I wrote that ode to my rooster). I still haven’t made it past the outline 😦

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