Creation of Art

Does the artist create his art, I now wonder
Must he insist, animate canvas with his one answer?
Perhaps there is something moving his brush
Can it be? A depiction of more than just his mush?

Does he feed on some invisible fruit?
Depicting the songs of Parnassus’ choral muse?
Constructing the groves of spirit, and streams of truth?
Does his art belong to himself, or to the entire world?

Interpretations vary, the artist is baffled
But he must make up an answer, appear unruffled
(For his hand –or umm, mouth– holds the brush)



8 thoughts on “Creation of Art

  1. Can we know Him by his Fruits?
    We can only make allusions that cannot do Him justice, I think. But we have no other tool to measure the immeasurable, so they will have to do. I think I understand now. Thank you.


  2. There be dragons and aliens too 🙂
    Or was that Sigourney Weaver movie not historically accurate?
    (ah, this Can be misunderstood. I was merely nitpicking at your choice for the word ‘man’ )


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