War: A desire for more cows

Gavishti, desire for wealth
Nutritious milk
Good for your health
And Survival

Gavishti, most dire for man
Cattle raiding
Murder making
Soul denial

Gavishti, cow or money
Symbol’s the same
For when untamed
Lose what’s vital

Gavishti, know your desire
Share the outpouring
Quit that mouth watering
Balance desire with charity
No need for these bloody cattle raids

Note to the movie ‘Arrival’s’ writers, the Sanskrit word for war is Yuddha, gavishti is cattle raid. Perhaps you were trying to make a point, that wars had turned into cattle raids? But when were they ever anything more? Or perhaps, you meant the root of ‘war’ arises from the word for cattle raid, an evolution of culture and propaganda transforms it into yuddha? It took a while to work out that one little line in the movie… Quite deep! I suspect the word Yuddha comes from the Egyptian heiroglyph for arm… Or perhaps they share a common origin, from some other culture… I’m looking at you, proto Elamites!!! This heiroglyph is today’s letter ‘i’


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