Dream Paralysis

Tonight I am fire, I am wind, I am storm
Tonight I am the calm middle, swirling, whirling
Where is the i? Nearby, playing music of dawn
Accompanying a chorus of millions: souls
Singing their spirits from head to toes… I invoke
Hit the choke, for a gasoline epiphany

You dare claim ownership? You dare claim Empire?
Subjecting Nature, disrespecting natural order?
Polluting without purpose, enslaving, denigrating
A gentle breeze blows now, it will grow intense, no pretense
For wind spirits are simple beings, straight shooters in this war

Come back to this in three generations, come and ponder
How the earth rolled in waves, how the sky was covered in cloud
How the ash dole was made, the storms of dust Vulcan endowed
And remember, your bodies do not own the Land, the Land owns your bodies

(Wake now, wake, wake, wake up, I must wake up, will I wake up? Awaken Fool!

My world has gone to dust, cut to shreds by debris of War… but soul endures.

Many roads to take for the body, only one path for the soul: forwards or backwards)


6 thoughts on “Dream Paralysis

  1. Definitely worth keeping. To me it invokes images of Thor calling down a storm, or Gandalf in his unmasked power. I am going to have to write something about how much I love standing out in thunderstorms in a raincoat and hat now. There are few feelings that compare.

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  2. I agree… Thunderstorms are awesome. I find the roar of thunder soothing, which I thought was something weird, until a minute ago. I would love to read your thunderstorm verses. You should definitely write some. Your style of writing would do it justice.


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